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Our Values

Cast an ensemble

We want everyone on the team to not only be a great creator but also a driving force of the projects and for the studio. We discuss important decisions with everyone.
Act with integrity

We are very serious about honesty and trust. Keeping our team spirit takes more than just teambuilding events - it is a day-to-day collective goal. Also, we thrive toward respecting our player’s time, money and intelligence.
Be the change you want to see

We firmly believe that it takes interesting people to make interesting games, and we highly value personal development, reasonable work hours, having hobbies beside game dev. and cultivating our curiosity.
Cultivate a growth mindset

We are always learning from field experts, from other studios and most of all from each other. We embrace challenges, we are always looking to improve ourselves and to innovate.


Fireplace Games is a video game studio founded in 2020.
The 8 co-founders originally met at Supinfogame Rubika, an internationally renowned video game school.
We aim to create high quality and innovative experiences with compelling player fantasies.
Fireplace Games Team - Ping Awards 2018



En Garde! is the first game we worked on together.
It's our graduation project, which was developed throughout the course of our fifth and final student year, in 2018.
Play as Adalia de Volador, a noble & impetuous swordswoman in an epic swashbuckling action-adventure game!

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We are currently working on our first unannounced project. Stay tuned for more!
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Team up with Fireplace Games to forge your path and craft unforgettable experiences for players.
We are based in Montpellier, South of France which means blue sky, sun and sea!


We are not currently seeking to expand our team more than current job openings.
But if you're interested in working with us in the future, we'd love to hear from you:

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